Cuppa Kin | Issue #2 June 2020

Welcome to the second edition of Cuppa Kin!

The Kin Council would like to say a big thanks to the community for the kind comments and helpful feedback received following the release of the first issue.

The past few weeks have been busy and exciting ones in the world of Kin! In this dose, you'll find an exclusive article from the Kin Council on the proposed Solana migration, news on an upcoming AMA, and more...



The Kin Community Council Supports a Migration to the Solana Blockchain - June 9, 2020

1. One Blockchain for Consumers
Today, there is one kin...across 3 blockchains. While ERC20 Kin can remain as a valid way of holding Ethereum-compatible Kin which can always be swapped 1:1 for something more user-friendly and compatible with consumer apps, unless and until there is a way to consolidate the current Kin blockchain intended for in-app use, the consumer network will remain fragmented which limits software and user compatibility. Migrating the Kin Reserves to Solana and reducing required effort to update with the new SDKs offers us a surprisingly painless opportunity to do exactly that. ERC20 holdouts can be offered a new one-way swap to Kin on Solana, where they can be used to buy goods and services from the ecosystem if they so please.

2. It’s Time for the Kin Blockchain to Evolve
The Kin blockchain needs to evolve. By all apparent signs, Solana is the best available layer one solution today. If Kin wants to support one billion users, it will need the most scalable blockchain available, and as laid out by the proposal from Kik Inc., Solana seems to fit that bill perfectly.

3. More Reasons Solana is the Best Match for Kin

A. Solana is ready today.
While many projects claim to be able to achieve this sort of scalability, only Solana has already proven it. Kin is already live with millions of active users, and cannot afford to take chances on unseen technology.

B. Solana is perfect for Kin’s specific case.
While other layer one solutions and alternative systems such as those utilizing sharding may offer some advantages in certain scenarios, Solana offers sub-second finality and transaction costs below the value of an ad view, which means that Kin will be able to accomplish its mission of rebuilding the digital world so that everyone can be rewarded for the value they create online.

C. Solana scales up over time.
Solana leverages hardware in order to achieve scale that would otherwise remain out of reach. As hardware capacity continues to improve exponentially over time, so will the ability for Solana to scale. That means Kin can not only hit one billion users, but continue to grow after that.

D. Kin and Solana share a vision of a more fair digital world.
Kin aims to build a new digital economy where everyone is rewarded for the value they create online. Solana aims to convert advertising based web business to ones based on user network effects via micropayments. The two projects and teams are sides of the same coin.

E. Solana is an ally to Kin and its mission.
Solana has gone out of their way to understand Kin and share in its ethos. Not only has Solana offered a custom-tailored proposal for the Kin Ecosystem, but the communities of both networks have been openly supportive of each other. This type of camaraderie is rare to see in the cryptocurrency industry, a positive sign of the organic alignment between the two.

With Solana, we have the opportunity to scale to a billion users and beyond; but that isn’t all. We also have the unique opportunity to gain a new ally in our mission to build a new digital world, where everyone is compensated for the value they create online. That is why I am recommending to the Kin Foundation that node incentives be structured with this in mind.



June, 2020

The Kin Council is excited to join forces with the team at Solana to deliver an AMA for the community!

On May 22nd, Kik Engineering made a formal proposal to migrate from the Kin Blockchain to the Solana Blockchain and we have been welcoming questions regarding the potential move.

The submission form is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question! Answers will be published in the next edition of Cuppa Kin.

For those who don’t use Reddit (or do and missed them), the Solana team has already answered some questions over there. We’ve compiled them here for your convenience...

Hi there! Thanks for stepping in! Super excited for this and think this is a great move.

The biggest difference between the Kin fork of Stellar and Stellar is whitelisted transactions to make them free of fees. How will Solana handle fees?

Of course :)

At the current state it costs $0.00001 for over 1 million transactions. So fees are negligible. We are still working out these finer details.

What does this mean for some folks who have still yet to swap to stellar? Will an ETH to SOL swap be available?

Yes, this is in our roadmap for 2020

Welcome too in the very active and diverse KIN community. There are all kinds of people around here, from extremely pro to like totally negative towards KIN.

In my opinion the more important discussions will be with ecosystem partners, some of them didn’t even switch to the Stellar fork. Maybe because they have anticipated that it won’t be the last time?! How much work is it for them to migrate to Solana?

This seems totally fair, we only want them to switch to us if they truly believe we are the better option.

A lot of details need to be worked out but I can assure you ease of transition will be a top priority.

Thank you for your interest in our situation. We would like to kindly remind you that programming requires testing. You write the code, then you test it. We are currently unable to understand how its possible to release an app without being able to test the Solana cryptocurrency sections. If you are able to shed some light on this, we would be extremely grateful for your guidance.

Hey this is a fair question, I believe as a US company you should not have any issues. We have the dev net which anyone can utilize regardless of country. You can also join our Discord at
-> #developers this is where you can get direct answers from our devs!

When will solidity be ready on solana?

We are working on an EVM! Give it maybe two months.

So we need to swap our coins again?

No you do not :) SOL will be used like ETH is used for gas.

Does Solana have any insight into the CODE wallet and will you be involved with CODE at all?

As of now, we have nothing planned

I believe Solana supports smart contract, but I can’t see documentation about this on the site. Is it possible to build smart contracts on Solana? is the best place to start for now!




Rave is a social app that allows users to watch Netflix and Youtube with friends, or make new friends through viewing parties.

It’s Houseparty meets movie theatres. Rave started in the first developer program and has moved into top position in the Kin Ecosystem with over 1MM monthly active spenders.

Users spend Kin to get into viewing parties called 'Raves'...

Follow the links below for more info on this exciting app...

Rave has an average rating of 4.3 stars on iOS and boasts 5,000,000+ installs on Android. Share the download links with your family and friends and give it a try together...


by Polype01


The Kin Foundation recently published a transparency report, laying out its structure and operations, in a partnership with Messari and its disclosure database...

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Hi Guys,

I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with people from the UK who are interested in creating a KIN related app. This project is strictly for UK persons only, however at a later date it will be opened up to people outside of the UK.

Can people who are interested please get in touch and I will message you some details. I will need to know your experience as well.

Contact u/lmaton on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 22, 2020


I'm looking for a couple developers who are familiar with Kin to help develop an app. Please PM me if you're interested in hearing more about the project.

Contact u/Drpoofaloof on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 12, 2020


Looking for someone who has up to date knowledge on coding and kin integrationCan provide modern graphics for a gameLooking for both android and Apple releasesWilling to sign a NDA

To inquire about this opportunity please contact me @ u/ABsKiLLz_13

Posted: May 12, 2020


For an awesome picture based KIN game app I'm looking for;

A developer to bring this game to lifeA UX designer to make the app impressively smooth and appealingContact u/Santos1986 on reddit for more details.Must be willing to sign an NDA

Contact u/Santos1986 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Hey. i am developing i just launched the DUNO ETH token.

i am going to be giving way DUNO token and KIN for free for various tasks. no ICO at all.

i always need UI/UX & programmers (mostly PHP) i am drowning in programming work :-D

but i want only little things done here and there from freelancers rather than hire someone. i don't want to sell equity at all in the project.

Contact u/danjiflow on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Folks interested in supporting the development of Kin.

a developer to build the gamea UX designer to make it look gooda partner to help design the story and functionality

Contact u/Cointoss88 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020

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